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I love teaching Grade 3. It is by far my favourite grade. I love my students even though they drive me bonkers sometimes. They are the sweetest, most caring and most imaginative group of little humans who also have literally no clue what is going on in the world. 

On this page you will find ideas, lessons and books you might want to check out if you also teach littles. You will also get many opportunities to hear the chaos that is my life in Grade 3. 

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This week what nuts. The weather was nuts. The moon was full. The covid was rampant. The kids were bouncing off the walls. What do I decide to do? Art of course!

I traced a circle 23 times (one for each child) and then they tried to use a ruler to cut the circle into 12 sections. We started with primary colours, in 3 sections with a space of 3 sections in between. Then we did secondary. We mixed yellow and blue first, then yellow and red and finally blue and red and filled in the middle chunks. Finally, we did tertiary colours and mixed purple & red, red & orange, orange &yellow, yellow & green, green & blue, and blue & purple, filling in each remaining piece. 

Friday January 21

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January 18-21

We have been working on a collaborative map of Canada. So far we have added the provinces and territories, capital cities and provincial/territorial flags, official birds and official flowers. 

We co-constructed our criteria, from what we want the map to look like to what we want to include on the map to what information we want to have near the map for other members of the school to learn about. I was surprised when they told me that one of the things they wanted to know was what places used to be called (ie. before colonialism). My kids surprise me sometimes, they might have actually listened and reflected on something we talked about?! It is still a work in progress, but I'm loving how it is turning out. Two of my three teaching partners have said they are going to make them too!

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