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The La Tuna Variant

Book Sirens

This pandemic-related novel tells the story of inmates in an American prison during one of the COVID-19 waves which impacted all ways of life for the inmates. 


Bookclub Paperback

Such a great book! It is about a cast of interesting characters who are all just trying to survive daily life in one of Toronto's most dangerous, diverse and impoverish areas!

Siri, Who am I?


This was a great light read which still made me think and reflect on our social media culture. It poses the question: is who I am online who I really am, or is it a carefully curated version of me? This is certainly a rom-com written for millennials! 

The Rose Code


After a temporary hiatus from WWII historical fictions, I'm glad I dove into this one! Based on code breakers in England, The Rose Code intertwines the lives of three women and a variety of other characters they build relationships with over the time span of the war and the few years following it.

ER Nurses


This book is written as a series of vignettes written in memoir-style of dozens of E.R. nurses across the United States. With short chapters, this is an easy one to pick up and put down if you're someone who likes to in spirts!

The House on the Cerulean Sea


I'm not gonna lie, this book is weird. It is not the type of book I would typically read but it was so beautiful and I absolutely loved it. 

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